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This site is dedicated to and inspired by the spirit of Kambô. A beautiful spirit-medicine that has personally raised a light within me and opened up my path in ways I could never have previously dreamt.

What is Kambo?

Kambo is a large green nocturnal frog that lives in the trees of the Amazon. Adult frogs are able to secrete a substance which is used by the native and indigenous Matsé of Perú and several other ethnic groups in the amazon as a tonic and as a hunting aid. The secretion is introduced into the body through the lymphatic system; it is applied on small and superficial burns on the skin. The effects are felt almost right away producing short lasting and powerful gastrointestinal side-effects that triggers a deep purge (vomiting) followed by a state of peacefulness, spaciousness and an increase in strength, heightened senses, and resistance to hunger and thirst.

Our healing work

The medicine (poison) released by this docile and peaceful amphibian, has been found to contain more than 200 bio-active peptides providing deep healing to people with varied conditions. Kambô or Sapo has been used for hundreds of years by native tribes in the Amazon. These tribes have been using this medicine to improve their lives in general, one of the common uses of this medicine is to burn or lift “panema” which is roughly translated as ”bad luck”. This is a very organic concept in which they see a cloud or density covering the person, not allowing her or him to fulfill her/his heart desires. Kambô boosts the immune system, strengthens the nervous system and also helps to sharpen their senses and help with hunting. In some of the tribes, children are introduced to this medicine from very early age.

Although some people report experiencing different types of visions, there are NO psychoactive compounds in the medicine that can explain them.





Selected Testimonials

My time with Adrian has been of incredible value, initially I was uncertain if Kambo was the medicine that I was to work with, but it became clear to me that it is fundamental in serious work with other medicines. On my first ceremony I was surprised by the mental baggage that I was dragging around with me and it became obvious that my conviction needed to immediately release this content for me to seriously progress on my spiritual path. Physically, I experienced a bodily-reset where I could rediscover, on my terms, how I respectfully manage the shell in which I reside. I have since resolved many energetic blockages and have found an inner harmony, which I continue to observer vigilantly as I continue to work with personal yoga, meditation, several plant medicines and continue to respect and return to Kambo for bolstering my mental convictions. Adrian has been a supportive and authentic guide, who stands strongly in the conviction of the spiritual capacity that these medicines reveal. I continue to recommend his work and return when my practices allow.

Wayne, United Kingdom

I had already had Kambo treatments when I went to visit Adrian, however, I was amazed by the gentle approach, thorough explanations and beautiful guidance that Adrian welcomed me with. The medicine was strong, but I was cared for with blankets and a place to rest. I experienced a profound emotional release at the end of the session and was lost in gratitude and positive vibrations that remained with me for long after the ceremony. I continued to complete the cycle with Adrian and return whenever I feel the need to mentally detatch from negative mindsets. I greatly admire the work that Adrian provides and can fully recommend his practice to other participants.

Amy, United Kingdom

It has been a year since I participated in the Kambo ceremonies with Adrian while on a 9 week plant medicine journey with family members. I was seeking emotional and physical healing after being treated with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer in 2018. When I heard about Kambo I was drawn to it because of the detoxification process that it brings. I was afraid but committed to this healing. As soon as I met Adrian I had a sense that I would be safe and I would like to reassure anyone who is contemplating participating in a Kambo ceremony or any other plant medicine ceremony with him that they can entrust themselves into Adrian’s care. He is kind and gentle soul who brings a deep knowledge and meticulous focus to each participant as they go through their process

Wendy Neville, Australia

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