Our Ceremony House

Just 1km from the historic town of Pisac, we are nestled in the beautiful Sacred Valley, overlooked by the impressive ruined citadel of the Inca that attract visitors from all around the world.

Our Calling to provide Kambo Ceremonies

Kambo Fire, formally ‘Spirit of Kambo’ aims to provide Kambo ceremonies to those who have a calling to the medicine. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to your calling with the appropriate treatments to ensure you have a comfortable and informed experience and for you to understand the process and the beautiful healing opportunities that are being offered. Kambo often presents us with a space, to do with as we so wish, to put back into our mental space what we need for our forward journey, to give value to our-selves to remain motivated and honoured to be here, to make the most of our time and to remain commited to the path we’ve been shown. Our self-determination is paramount in our ability to guide ourselves and assist others, this is our primary importance. Your wellbeing and comfort during your process is key to us providing the support that we’ve been honoured to uphold. If you have any questions, please contact us, we have time for each individual to answer your concerns.

Your Practitioner – Adrian Rivas

I have been studying and working with different healing modalities since I started 20 years ago. After years of practice and exploration I found myself guided to working with sacred plants as tools for healing and guides that helps us reconnecting with our deepest self, our true self.

On my search for deepening my experience I came to Peru to work with mother ayahuasca and traditional curanderos. At the time of arriving in Peru I was already set with a goal to look for a powerful medicine I had heard about before, Sapo or Kambô. Not too long after I got to the Amazon and while working with a palero ayahuasquero, I found a lead for encountering this medicine and went to look for it with the intuition that it would help me in my process of growth and healing.

When I first encountered the medicine I had such a profound experience that I decided to bring it back to Mexico to treat my mother from her high blood pressure. I ended up staying in the sacred valley and so my mom had to come to immerse in a healing process. The Kambô treatment was indeed responsive to my mother’s ailments and shortly after returning to Mexico, her doctor took the decision to suspend her prescribed medication.

After receiving the medicine from the first curandero, I began administering the medicine on myself and for some months friends around me asked for the medicine. After a while, I recognized the call to serve with this powerful tool and so I went back to the jungle, this time to the Matsé tribe, to learn more and to ask for permission to share the medicine with other people.

My experience in the jungle with them was amazing and I received the permission I was seeking, to work on other people from the tribe and from the frogs themselves!! but that’s another story….

I just want to share that it has been an enormous blessing to serve the tribe with Kambô. We have had the honor to witness and hear AMAZING testimonials. Please have a look at our treatments to see how our Kambo ceremonies can best be of service to you.

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