Kambo Treatments

Each of the Kambo Treatments or Ceremonies that we offer have a similar procedure of around one and a half to two hours. We will arrange the time of arrival and guests should arrive with a minimum of 2 and a half litres of water. All instruction and guidance will be given by our humble Maestro and your questions will be answered before we begin. Similar to other master plant ceremonies we shall begin by asking for permission to carry out this work and it is important that we arrive and continue with a commited intention. If you are unsure about the intention in which you wish to enter the ceremony space with then we can discuss this with you before we begin.

At the beginning of the ceremony you will be instructed to begin consuming your water, this is to initiate the profound cleanse that your Kambo connection is going to provide. Points will then be applied to an area of your body depending on your treatment purpose. If this is your first ceremony, then 3 points will be applied initially. The Kambo medicine will then be applied, gradually again depending on your prior experience with the medicine.

You will then, very quickly experience an increased intensity of energy throughout your body and feel an urge to purge. The maestro will assist in this purging process by offering rape if required. For approximately 15-20 minutes you will feel the medicine traversing your body and concentrating on any areas of inflammation. At times this can be a challenging mental process and you will be reminded of your intention as the maestro gently guides you through canticos, or shamanic verse. Afterwards you may feel the inclination to rest and additional music will gently guide you through this more euphoric stage of the process until you feel yourself recover in mind, body and spirit.

Our ceremonies are devoted to the spirit of Kambo, the internal fire that lights our motivations and spiritual strengths and convictions, the entire ceremony process is carried out respectfully and authentically to allow you to accept and realise this new space inside that has been opened up. The closing ceremony is to remind us of our gratitude to this beautiful process and instruction will be given to support your integration in the days following your ceremony.

Single Ceremony

For those wishing to receive a single Kambo treatment, to connect one time to the medicine and experience the practices offered by Kambo Fire. If you have already received sessions elsewhere and wish to continue through your program, we invite you to share a ceremony.

3 Ceremonies in one Lunar Cycle

The Kambo treatments are usually recommended as a complementary set of 3 applications within one lunar cycle. The reason for these is to allow the practitioner to build up to the most effective dosage while also being cautious and sensitive to the experiences of each ceremony. The ceremonies may be scheduled in as little as 5 days, preceeding or following other ceremonies and up to a monthly lunar cycle. Please let us know what time you have in the Sacred Valley and we can give you the best suggestion for scheduling your applications.

Tailored Treatment Package

A set of Kambo applications for a specific purpose will require us to carry out an initial consultancy of your available time, your condition and what we both feel is the right treatment (or primary treatment) to give the most effective response to your requirements. Please contact us to initiate a discussion and explain as much as you can about your condition history including details of pharmaceuticals and alternative treatment. We will endeavor to provide an uncomplicated and carefuly explained treatment plan.

Single Ceremony



3 Ceremony Cycle



Treatment Package



Kambo Bio-Peptides

If we are talking about the benefits of Kambo from a medical perspective, it will be because one of its bio-peptides is in action. Peptides are smaller than proteins and are made up of amino acids that are linked together in a chain connected with bonds called peptide bonds. These bonded peptides form different functions in the body, such as Enzymes, Insulin and Antibiotics. Peptides carry out functions that can change mood, regulate inflammation and prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from multiplying within the body. The peptides in Kambo are Bioactive, which means they react with the body to perform a specific function. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which are often attack cells and leave chemical by-products, Kambo peptides unlock cells naturally. Below are some of the most important peptieds in the Kambo treatment.

  • Phyllocaerulein – a neuropeptide (a special type of peptide that helps neurons communicate in the brain) that reduces blood pressure, modifies satiety (stomach fullness), and manages sedation and thermoregulation. It’s also a potent pain killer.
  • Phyllokinin – a peptide (one that has been previously synthesised) that reduces blood pressure in the long-term, and crosses the blood-brain barrier to help take Kambo’s benefits to the brain.
  • Phyllomedusin – a neuropeptide (unique to Kambo) that acts as a powerful vasodilator, widening and relaxing blood vessels, veins, and arteries.
  • Dermorphin – a chain that acts on opioid receptors to reduce pain. It is 30-40 times more potent than morphine.
  • Deltorphin – another peptide that interacts with opioid receptors, showing higher selectivity for them than any compound known to man. There are 2 Deltorphins in Kambo, adding to its pain-killing properties.
  • Dermaseptin BI, B3, B6 – Possesses a potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi and protozoa.
  • Adenoregulin – a peptide that has been shown to be very effective in killing cancer cells, effectively turning off their fuel supply.
  • Tryptophyllin – a peptide that been shown to be highly potent against the yeast Candida Albicans.
  • Phyllolitorin, [Leu8] Phyllolitorin, Rohdei-Litorin – 3 neuropeptides that stimulate gastric acid secretion and smooth muscle contraction.
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